TCC Offerings : The Curriculum Company provides its clients with cost effective cutting edge solutions to fulfill their every need, be it technology based or academic.

  • Academic Interface for K12 Schools

We create and implement curriculum based instructional design, develop print materials for the classroom, which are inclusive and easy to use for both teacher and child.
TCC teacher resources include step-by-step chapter plans, scientifically designed rubrics for daily assessment and guided exercises for self-reflection and development.
TCC student resources comprise age-appropriate and well-illustrated textbooks, application workbooks with in-built assessment and interdisciplinary projects to encourage collaborative learning and team working.
Our work embodies the simple philosophy of Connecting Learning to Life.

  • Technology Enabled Blended learning platforms (T – Learning™)

We specialize in providing custom technological interfaces that help schools to manage their existing content to ensure seamless distribution of the same to students at all times.
We are pioneers of T-Learning and use technology in the classroom innovatively. Wehave launched advanced Android Tablets for schools to house new interactive content across grades with built in assessment frameworks that conform to global benchmarking standards.
The TCC Tablet is more than a tablet textbook and children can use this much beyond just a tablet for schoolwork.

  • Customized School Transformation Projects

We execute whole school ‘change’ projects by creating custom solutions, using an integrated approach to Change.
We design and deliver customized learning and development programs for teachers and educators to widen their repertoire of teaching-learning strategies and to increase their capacity to improve learning outcomes for all children.
TCC also conducts modular workshops for schools and teacher-training programs ranging from 4 to 10 sessions basis customer needs and requirements.
Our leadership programs for school leaders comprise modules that are designed to re-energize thinking and create long lasting impact for the ‘self’ and your school.

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